Laser Engraving Service & Systems


Q: What does GNW Laser offer?

A: GNW Laser focus on providing real value-added industrial-grade laser solutions to customers worldwide for marking, engraving, drilling, cutting and other laser material processing applications.

We design and manufacture fiber laser systems as well as DPSS laser systems.

We also provide on-site and in-house laser job shop services to our customers in USA.

Q: What is your laser can mark or engrave on?

A: Our fiber laser system is designed for marking and engraving on all metals, most plastics, most leather, and materials used in jewelery, watch, personalized gift, semiconductor packaging, consumer electronics, solar applications, medical equipment and others. The industries it can be used are very diverse. Contact us for details.

Q: What is the advantage of your laser?

A: Our fiber laser system can do deep engraving on all metals regardless its hardness. And it is also capable of producing color marks on some metals such as steels and titanium.

Our system is upgradable to include new features such as in-line automatic mark-alignment, 3D laser engraving and others.

Benefits of a fiber laser system vs. a lamp pumped YAG laser

  • Fiber laser MTBF >> 50,000 hours; Traditional lamp based YAG laser needs to replace lamp at every 500 - 1000 hours.

  • Fiber laser requires no maintenance, no alignment and no consumables; Lamp pumped YAG laser may need optical re-alignment of the laser every time a lamp is changed or a service is performed on the laser rail.

  • Fiber laser does not need water chiller, it uses air cooling only; Lamp pumped YAG laser requires a chiler with DI water to cool the laser cavity at all run time. Fiber laser is much more efficient.

  • Fiber laser uses single phase electricity; Lamp pumped laser uses 3-phase electricity with much higher current. Fiber laser saves your electricity expense.

  • Fiber laser has much better mode which can produce much smaller spot size; Lamp pumped YAG laser can only produce "low order" mode which limits the focused spot size to nearly 0.1mm as its limit (if using a 163mm scan lens).

  • Benefits of purchasing a fiber laser system from GNW Laser

  • Latest IPG pulsed fiber laser - new model in all systems.

  • Short lead time.

  • No aluminum extrusion. All steel construction.

  • Highest quality, money back guarrantee.

  • Truely portable system.

  • Timely and professional post-sale service.

  • Life time free technical support from GNW Laser as long as you own the original laser system.

  • Sysem upgradable to more functions and features both in hardware and software.

  • Free training during installation (US & Canada only).

  • 2 full years of warranty (US & Canada only).

  • Capable of deep engraving on all metals.

  • Unique design from user prospective. Ease of use features.

  • Extremely low power consumption. Our laser can save you >95% electricity compared to using a lamped pumped YGA laser or save > 50% electricity compared to a DPSS laser.

  • Expertise in laser material interaction and applications.

  • Committed technical support from GNW Laser Network of international distributors and resellers to provide service locally in your country.

  • Special promotion now: Free laser goggle (US & Canada only).

  • Contact us now to get all these benifits.